Advance Cyber Defence Stack

Go Beyond XDR with Threat Detection, Response, Remediation, and Protection.

The only Cybersecurity platform you will ever need—A cloud-Native, seamless, unified platform for businesses of all scales and sizes. Prevent a cyberattack even before it happens.

One platform to rule them all.

Do more with the only open, agentless cybersecurity platform in the market today.

Prevent Every Attack Imaginable

Zero-day attacks, APTs, Ransomware attacks, unknown threats-for, for every attack known and unknown, this is the solution that can prevent, mitigate, and respond to them all.

Achieve Maximum Cybersec Ops Maturity

Today, most cyber-resilient organizations deploy a complete tool stack covering every network, Cloud, and endpoints. You can achieve the same steller results.

Get 100% Of The Outcomes, In Days

Gone are the days of deploying your tool stack today and waiting years for results. Instead, your security operations will provide immediate returns after deployment.

Threat Intelligence, Predictive threat management, and more

Behavior-driven threat detection from multiple data insights

Cloud, System, Security, Network Infrastructure, and Threat intelligence converge to enable faster threat detection within a single dashboard.

Behavior-driven live system threat mapping

Machine Learning models study the threat landscape across all known and potentially unknown threats, enabling live behavior-driven hunts to deliver complete coverage & building assurance.

Robust data enrichment

Consistent log enrichment with over 100+ Threat Intelligence sources bringing in robust threat detection capabilities.
Advance Cyber Defence Stack

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