Non-Profit & Government

Serve your constituents and causes by ensuring network resiliency and best-in-class security and risk readiness.

There have been countless technological challenges for nonprofits in the past year, everything from government-sponsored attacks to a pandemic that forced everyone to change how they do business. Another major hurdle that non-profits faced was the disruption to programs and declining donations.
  • Insufficient capacity throughout the organization to use and maintain the technology effectively

  • The utilization of outdated software due to funding limitations or because government funders want organizations to use their antiquated software for reporting purposes
  • Using project management software that is too complex and takes up too much time to use and renders it useless
  • Trying to manage technology donations from well-meaning supporters ends up creating logistical and accounting nightmares.

  • The development software features that the organization is paying for are either not being used optimally or at all because the staff lacks the skills to use the software.
  • There are generational and skills gaps amongst different employees (e.g., some struggle to turn on the computer while others know how to code) that cause inter-office tension and resentment.
  • Software and equipment, including the onsite computers and internet, break down regularly due to viruses, insufficient software updates, user error, and outdated equipment
  • Lacking access to reliable tech support or overtasked tech teams that have to live up to unrealistic expectations
  • Lacking access to reliable tech support or overtasked tech teams that have to live up to unrealistic expectations
  • There is a lot of data that staff wants to collect, but they don’t have the technical know-how or the workforce to input the data into the software to run reports.
  • The website and communications strategy, including social media, is managed by interns.

How we can help?


Our team is experienced working with non-profits and completely transforming and modernizing their IT. We've also been instrumental in documenting and building processes and procedures that help ensure their new environment runs flawlessly and securely.

Some of the technology we've implemented:

  • Building a security plan from 0 to ensure the nonprofit stays compliant to HIPAA and NY Shield Act.
  • Modernize their entire communication platform by upgrading an old self-hosted PBX to a new UCaaS platform.
  • Worked with their internet provider and Cisco to redesign and build a new resilient and secure SDWAN from an expensive and poorly maintained MPLS network.
  • Introducing the "Work anytime, from any place" modernizing how the nonprofit does business and adding to their Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan.
  • This is a list, which styles each “List Item” individually (unlike utilizing a Looper as with some of our other list Elements).
  • Working with a partner to introduce HIPAA compliant secure printing and cutting costs and bringing in savings to their previous copier contract.
  • Modernizing the on-prem data center to a virtual off-prem data center. This new off-prem data center improved network performance, higher availability, increased application scalability, and eliminated compliance issues.
  • Design and document a true Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan where we were able to minimize outages to seconds and minutes where it originally would take months to normalize business.