Why Email Protection?

With over 90% of attacks on organizations starting from a malicious email, relying on your built-in or unmanaged security might leave your organization open to cybercriminals that constantly capitalize on the number one attack vector: exploiting human nature and the lack of tight security. Compliance and litigation searches can be expensive and time-consuming.

  • 60% of organizations lost data
  • 52% of organizations had credentials or accounts compromised
  • 47% of organizations were infected with ransomware
  • 29% of organizations were infected with malware
  • 18% of organizations experienced financial losses

What Can One Malicious Email Do?

A phishing email uses social engineering to exploit your organization’s employees. If an attacker can get a user to click on a malicious link or open an infected attachment, they can compromise login credentials and other personal data or install malware on the employee’s computer. Cybercriminals can expand their access to the corporate network to steal sensitive data or perform other attacks.

Another common scam is business email compromise, where high-level executives within a company are impersonated and instruct an employee to send payments to certain accounts, pretending that it is urgent to close a deal or pay a vendor invoice.

Email is often used to hide malicious attachments like trojans designed to create a foothold on the target computer. These malicious files will collect data and possibly download additional, specialized malware such as keyloggers or ransomware.

Emails are one of the primary delivery mechanisms used to infect organizations with ransomware. In ransomware attach a malicious attachment is sent to encrypt all the files on a computer, server, or network, and will the attacker will restore all the files once payment to recover the files is made. Even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee of a complete recovery

“You will be responsible for what the thief does while using your personal information. You might have to pay for what the thief buys. This is true even if you do not know about the bills. “

The Solution

Cybercon Solutions provides the most complete, affordable, managed solution for protecting business emails and data in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G Suite.

Cybercon Solutions email protection service identifies emails from known spammers' emails and server IPs and determines whether the domains embedded in emails lead to known spam or malware domains. Using the most advanced Artificial intelligence (AI), our system stays updated on the latest threats across all vectors.

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