Employees expect an immediate resolution to all issues affecting them when they work from anywhere and on any device in or outside the office. However, end-user support needs to be just as flexible when technical challenges arise.

Cybercon Solution will provide hardware, software, and network assistance that fits your team’s schedule and communication preferences with our self-service and service desk solutions. With next-generation support, your staff is more productive, and your IT teams have increased capacity to focus on business-critical initiatives.

Reliable Support, 24 Hours a Day: With more and more businesses choosing to have a remote staff or hybrid staffing, a managed help desk can meet the expectations and requirements of remote workers more easily, without the increased cost that would come with staffing an in-house help desk around the clock.

Scalable Flexibility: With a managed help desk, you can focus your team on innovation and strategic resource planning. The opportunities in cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and automation are expanding quickly. As a result, your team needs to be able to focus on implementing the right technology to drive business results.

Cost Savings: When you outsource, you no longer have to spend in areas like training, equipping a team with the right diagnostic tools for a help desk in terms of hardware and software, or the space to house your help desk team. It’s also important to note that a help desk is often staffed as an entry-level position, and the routine tasks associated with supporting end users can become mundane. Turnover is a common and costly problem is avoidable with a managed help desk.

Reduced Call Volume: One of the benefits of a managed help desk is that the technicians assisting your end users are highly specialized in their craft, so problems with applications and devices are quickly diagnosed and resolved. This reduces the need for repeat calls and lowers your overall help desk volume, resulting in additional cost savings.

Improved Call Resolution Time: A managed help desk significantly reduces the length of time end users spend on the line with a help desk because issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

Freeing up Your IT Team for Innovation and Strategy: When implementing a new fleet of devices or transitioning to a new cloud solution, end users may call the help desk more frequently. With a managed help desk, you’ll never need to worry about hiring and training more people to handle an increased call volume. In addition, a managed help desk can easily scale up or down according to your needs, and you’ll pay only for the amount of service you use.

Reliable Support During a Crisis: Your end-users will naturally require more support in a cyber security attack or a natural disaster. An in-house help desk is often impacted during these situations. However, a managed help desk can continue to offer the same level of support to your organization, helping employees maintain business continuity.

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