Work from anywhere at any time while keeping your environment safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the ways many businesses are working and will most likely continue to change how they work. Companies need to adapt their operations and understand the different workforces they could have, including a prominent and growing modern workplace.

Cybercon Solutions will help your business establish a modern workforce not tied to a central, physical location. Instead, stay connected to the company and each other through technology – computers, tablets, smartphones, and different types of devices.
Work from home

Benefits of a modern workforce:

  • Larger talent pool: Incorporating a mobile workforce into your organizational structure removes geographic barriers to hiring and offers access to a larger talent pool. No longer is it necessary to live within commuting distance to the office, as access to the internet becomes the primary commuting requirement.
  • Greater employee loyalty: Accommodating workers' preferences is one way a business can strengthen workers' sense of loyalty and satisfaction with their employer, especially as many workers may want to continue working remotely after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.
  • Less stress: When workers can fulfill their role and responsibilities using mobile technologies, it frees them from commute time, may allow them to dress more comfortably, and, as demonstrated by the pandemic, decreases their risk of exposure to illness in the workplace. When combined, these factors can contribute to a better work/life balance and greater happiness and energy that can increase on-the-job productivity.
  • Lower certain overhead costs: Having workers on-site requires an employer to shoulder many overhead expenses: rent or lease of space, utility bills, and other fees. With a mobile workforce, employers can reduce many of these overhead costs.
  • Save on travel: Digital technologies such as video conferencing and remote presentations can often replace the need for an employee to travel for work purposes. Not only does an employer eliminate the loss of productivity associated with travel time, but a business can also eliminate hotel, meals, and other associated travel costs.

Technology we work with

Do you have a mobile workforce or hybrid workforce plan that keeps your environment safe?

Our team can work with your executive team to design and implement a mobile or hybrid workforce plan that fits your business. We can help write up and formalize procedures for your staff to follow. Ensure that the writing technology is in place that will allow your workforce to connect safely from a remote location.

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