Breach Report: EasyJet


Data breach of 9 million EasyJet customers including email addresses, personal travel plans, and credit card details.

EasyJet, the low-cost airline based in England was the target of a highly sophisticated cyberattack that exposed the email addresses and personal travel plans of about nine million customers. It confirmed that passport information was not affected but that credit card details of 2,208 customers was stolen. The airline said that as soon as it became aware of the attack, it took immediate steps to manage and investigate it, and closed off the breach. EasyJet will contact customers whose personal information is at risk by May 26.

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Next Steps:
Reset your password for the easyJet portal and mobile app. Review your credit card, bank, and financial statements for unauthorized activity. Look for notification from EasyJet by May 26th.

Breach occured on May 2020